Episode 89 - The Science and Art of Strength Training

This week on @lunge.lift @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach offer us an insight into the art of strength, what it really is, and how to refine and touch up the details in your own training programme and journey in the gym.

We chat all about:
– Want to put on size? Is the key fast and heavy weights or reps upon reps?
– Why anyone should bother getting strong
– How chronic stress is good in the right dose…
– “A pump” doesn’t actually mean you’re as strong as you think

And a whole load more!

Episode 88 - Harvey Lawton: Bulletproofing Performance

This week on @lunge.lift @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach have @harveylawton_ on the show, and they get into all things starting out in sport, injury rehab process, corrective exercises, coaching education, and Harvey’s business @themovementblueprint

We chat about:
– From Rugby to PT to business owner; how Harvey paved his way
– How to check yourself once you’ve wrecked yourself 
– Why classic rehab exercises just don’t cut it
– Reminder: It’s okay to go through the motions of being wrong to find what works for you 

And a whole load more!

Episode 87 - Why You're Training Your Muscles Wrong

This week on @lunge.lift @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach are here to help us understand why we’re training wrong, and what style of training is right for us and our “why” for exercising in the first place. 

We offer our two cents on:
– Isolating muscles vs. compound exercises. 
– Nerd spotlight: How muscles work 
– Training is like a cake… perfect your batter before you ice it
– What are the components of strength?

And a whole load more!

Episode 86 - Movement Mastery: Squat Deep Dive

This week on @lunge.lift @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach deep dive into all things Squats!
What does it take to sit down and get back up again? We offer our two cents on all of the noise out there about form, movement patterns, variations, and more!
We dive deep into ⬇️
🤷🏽‍♂️ Is there such thing as “correct form”?
🧓🏽 Should we squat for longevity?
🏋🏼‍♂️ Breaking down what makes a squat a squat
🤯 Bar path, depth, tripod foot, buttwink, knee valgus… is it all just bollocks?
🦵 Some of the science behind knee valgus… (see Ep. 5 for more 😉)
➕ Plus, some tips and tricks for coaches and regular gym goers out there
And a whole load more!
— Knee Valgus Episode Link —

Episode 85 - Khrys Speed: The Explosive Mother F*cker

This week on the podcast Rob & Ash are joined by Khrys Speed @kdotspeed.
Khrys chats with us about his background in sport, all things pro rugby, the ins and outs of weightlifting competitions, coaching and being coached.
We get into ⬇️
🥪 Delivering the good and bad in coaching: how to plate up a sh*t sandwich
👏🏼 Competing in team sport vs. solo sports
🏋️ Agree or disagree; press out controversy in weightlifting?
😞 Dealing with the fear of failure
⚖️ A balancing act of perspectives; the challenges and advantages of being an athlete and a coach
And a whole load more!

Episode 84 - What is fitness?

This week on the podcast @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach discuss what is fitness? And when can an exercise or piece of kit be deemed functional?
We get into: ⬇️
⚔️ Could triple unders and battle ropes eventually have a place in the CF games?
🍺 Story time with Stubbs; getting CrossFitty when on the beers
😖 Does your style of training assist or hinder your movement capabilities?
💫 Your North Star for fitness; what tasks do you wish you could achieve with your body?
🐤 Just as Mr. Weasley wondered about the rubber duck… what exactly is the function of the modern day human?
And a whole load more!

Episode 83 - 3 Common fitness misconceptions

This week on the podcast @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach get down and nerdy debunking and discussing 3 common fitness misconceptions in the forefront of the fitness world. We talk tightness, big or strong, and exercise form; there’s a high chance you’ve wondered about these yourself.
We discuss ⬇️
🙅‍♂️ Is that guy in the corner really doing his deadlift wrong? Form zealots, listen and learn.
🪢 When does too much tension actually become a problem?
🦍 Does getting bigger necessarily mean getting stronger?
😣 Did a little bit o’ pain ever hurt anybody? Understanding when there is cause for concern
And a whole load more!

Episode 82 - Hunter McIntyre: The Bulk Pony

This week on the podcast @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach are joined by special guest @huntthesheriff (who may or may not perform a strip tease for those that watch on YouTube 😉). Expect some straight talking and serious storytelling!
We chat about: ⬇️
🔮 The story of how Hunter’s eventful youth led him on a roundabout journey to becoming an athlete
🏋🏽‍♂️ What the Bulk Pony thinks about CrossFit
⭐️ Courtney Dauwalter, Sara Sigmundsdóttir; throwing down with some of the biggest names in the business(es)
🦛 Where on the hippo to gazelle scale do you want to be?
🏎 Stay in your lane; how to manage the constant battle of wanting to do it all with being the best
And a whole load more!

Episode 81 - 5 Key Concepts for Skill Acquisition

This week on the show we talk all about ⬇️

✅ Does practice really make perfect? And the science behind it
🔑 How do you pick the right variables to acquire or better your skills?
🤔 Is your limiter where you should spend your time training?
💸 Which skills could help you pay the bills?

And a whole load more!

This week on @lunge.lift @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach are joined on the pod by @steveyf22, the co-founder of @jst_compete. We get all up in our feels about obsessing over training and competition, what that can mean and how it impacts a person (elite or not). Ste came and delivered on the food for thought front for sure.
We get into: ⬇️
👨‍🏫 Lessons we can all learn from a CrossFit Games athlete
🌱 Reap what you sow; the rewards of repetition
🏆 How much of your mental health would you sacrifice for glory…
👨‍👩‍👦 Raising an athlete; if and when, do you push them to specialise?
🏋🏽‍♂️ Does CrossFit deserve a place in the Olympics?
And plenty more!

This week on the podcast, @robstubbspt and @ashgrossman.coach are joined by @hallmightyone to discuss the testing [read: sadistic torture] they inflicted on Ash the past 4 weeks… on the dreaded Assault Bike.
Delving into the data, we find out how “fit” the lab rat truly is, and how the findings could be useful to us all, and transferable to our own training too.

We get geeky about ⬇️:
🧐 Positives to the torture device (aka Assault Bike) that you might not have considered
🧠 Is it mental or physical capabilities that can help push you to your limits?
🤓 The nerdy stuff: How we use oxygen when we exercise
🥯 Nutritional interventions: was it the beta-alanine or bagels?
🙄 Factors we forget to consider that may impact our training (or in Ash’s case, excuses)
And a whole load more!

This week we launch our ‘Deep Dive series’.
A new series on movement mastery, and our first movement we tackle is one of our favourites, Deadlifts.
We dissect the movement mechanics behind the lift, and offer our two cents on positioning, bar path, common pitfalls, and misconceptions about what gym-goers think is one of the most basic of movements.

We deep dive into 🤿:
😉 Why you should get hinging (and not the dating app kind)
🏋🏾 Rob’s fun fact about “correct” barbell height
✊ The gripping debate – Which grip is superior?
😖 Why do deadlifts get a bad reputation for being the culprit of back injuries
🤯 A piece of gym kit you might have been neglecting
And a whole load more!

Episode 77 - 5 Steps back from injury to full training

This week on @lunge.lift @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach come at us with 5 stepping stones to take on the road to recovery.

Bouncing back from an injury can be just as much of a mental challenge as it is physically demanding.
Find out what the lads have to say on making that bench time beneficial as opposed to being a roadblock in your training journey.

We journey through ⬇️
🎥 Why filming lifts could be your saving grace
🏇 When is the right time to get back in the saddle?
📈 Guiding principles to break up the process and stay positive
🤓 Ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones; which has the capacity to heal, recover and adapt the fastest and why?
🚫 Pain-free does not mean you’re out of the woods
And a whole load more!

Episode 76 - Performance, Recovery & Bigger Biceps - Blood Flow Restriction Deep Dive

This week on the podcast @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach are joined by the @hytro_ CTO and Founder @warren_hytro. We get down and nerdy with BFR (Blood Flow Restriction), and discuss how BFR might benefit your performance, injury rehab and recovery, as well as grow those guns 💪💪  

We chat about ⬇️
💪 What is BFR and what can it do for your performance as well as aesthetics?
🚴🏻‍♂️ How can BFR be applied to CrossFit or endurance training?
💡 Ways to add it in to your protocol to test it out for yourself
👴🏼 Is BFR not just for the gym bros, but injured athletes and the elderly too?!  
And a whole load more!

Episode 75 - Why are you so weak? - How to identify limiters & break through plateaus

This week @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach help you with identifying and understanding what your limiters are and why you may have hit a roadblock in your training. We go through some key principles that may influence them, and dish out some top notch tips to help you bust through plateaus, continue to progress with your training, and improve your performance.

We shed some light on ⬇️
📍 How can you pinpoint what your limiter is
💪🏽 How to feel that “newbie gains” feeling again
🤑 Which lift we think gives you the most bang for buck
🪝 Hook grip or mixed grip? Which works best
🤷🏽‍♂️ Should you flip your entire training protocol, or just one or two variables at a time?

And a whole load more!

Episode 74 - How much variation is too much?

This week on @lunge.lift @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach get to unpicking what the optimal amount of mixing it up in your training is. When can variation turn into a barrier or be beneficial to your training goals, and is there a Goldilocks amount to implement into your programming?

We discuss ⬇️
🎲 Do repetition and randomness both have a valid place in a programme?
🤯 Why using resistance machines might be better than CrossFit
🎂 Birthday workouts; the fine line between fun and f’in stupid
👨🏻‍🔬 The Conjugate System… is there method to the madness?
🃏 Are you a jack of all trades or just mastering one instrument?  
And a whole load more!  

Episode 73 - CrossFit Games & Tokyo 2020: The Lunge & Lift Review & Controversial Opinions

This week on the show @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach give their humble opinions [read: unqualified commentary] on the CrossFit Games and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. With sporting events and competitions back in business, the recent weeks have shown us some incredible athletes putting all their hard graft to the ultimate test once again.

We chat about ⬇️
🏋🏾 Our top takeaways from the CrossFit Games events and standout athletes
🧠 Elite sportspersons mental health; a winners mindset… but at what cost?
🧐 The controversy surrounding the inclusion of transgender athletes in the Olympics
🔨 CrossFitters and their weaknesses… how hard should they hammer them?
🥇Would you share your Gold medal?
🤣 BONUS: a crash course on butchering athletes’ names
And heaps more!

Episode 72 - Periods, Performance Training & Female Nutrition w/ Chloe Salter from pH Nutrition

This week on @lunge.lift, @ashgrossmann.coach and special guest @chloesalt93 talk all things women’s health and performance! From dabbling in the fitness realms of bodybuilding, CrossFit, running and beyond, Chloe’s passion and knowledge surrounding female performance and nutrition really shines through in this episode!

We dig deep into
– How to tune into the phases of your cycle to maximise your training potential
– Is intermittent fasting a good idea for women?
– Hypothalamic amenorrhea… what happens when you lose your cycle?
– Calorie surplus isn’t a “no women’s land”
– Our gripes with diet culture
– Guys and gals hormone levels, and how they directly impact your sleep, stress, training and nutrition
And plenty more!

Episode 71 - Sleep vs Nutrition vs Training and Does CrossFit work? - Listener Q&A Part 2

This week on @lunge.lift @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach answer do another round of questions and bring us the second part of the Q&A. Discussing all things from CrossFit being an egotistical sport, where your training focus should be, and a debate on why static stretching utterly useless… or is it? We hope you enjoy the light we shed on your queries.

We help you with: ⬇️
🚫 Why you shouldn’t strive for flexibility for the sake of it
💪🏽 Does CrossFit really encompass The 10 Components of Fitness?
📖 A guide to switching from classes to programming for yourself
🤷🏽‍♂️ Is there a place for static stretching at all?
💤 The ultimate trade off; sleep vs. nutrition vs. training
  And a plenty more!

Episode 70 - Weightlifting head game, unlocking movements and training when older - Listener Q&A P.1

This week on the podcast we tackle some pertinent questions like, “Would you rather eat 💩 that tastes like chocolate, or chocolate that tastes like 💩?”, to topics like nailing your first ever pull ups and push ups, the trade offs you’re gonna have to give if you’re an serial bencher. Gandhi Grossmann even makes an appearance and delivers some solid food for thought on coping with failure.

We give our two cents on ⬇️
– How to training smarter when you’re an old timer
– A guide to nailing your pull ups and push ups
– The intense bencher zero mobility
– Finding comfort in failing your lifts
– Our dream professions if we weren’t in the fitness industry And a plenty more!

Episode 69 - Kelly Friel - The Masters Athlete Still Mixing it in the Main Events

This week on the podcast, @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach are joined by CrossFit Masters athlete @kelfriel; co-owner of CrossFit Southampton, double podiumed CrossFit Games athlete, and an absolute super Mum. We chat with Kelly about how she keeps all the plates spinning in work, life, bringing up children, and managing a business. What’s a Masters athlete’s secret sauce to be able to throw it down with the kids?

We chat about ⬇️
– How to encourage (not force) your children to enjoy exercise
– Pushed for time to train? Which should you sacrifice: quality or quantity?
– Getting back into training; Kelly’s post-partum experience.
– What secret sport is in Kelly’s history books?
And a plenty more!

Episode 68: Euro 2020, Injuries & The Exercise 'Drug' w/ Dr. Jon Houghton

This week on @lunge.lift, @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach are joined by special guest, Chief Medical Officer for @fawales, Team Doctor of @surreycricket, Sports Medicine Consultant, Dr. Jon Houghton.

From working with military personnel, to city workers, to footballers that fall to their knees from a tiny tap to the shin; we hear about Houghton’s incredible experiences throughout his career, his passion for football, and he lets us in on some insightful knowledge about injury rehabilitation, the most under prescribed drug that can fix many health problems, and what goes on behind the scenes at football camps. 

We chat about:
– Does pain ALWAYS equal damage?
– Jon’s inspiring Sports Medicine career journey
– What is the best drug a doctor can prescribe?
– The difficulties when looking after valuable athlete’s physical and mental health
– What we can do to avoid injuries
– Should we stretch out or strengthen up injuries?
– How to magic a tendon tear better
And a whole load more!

Episode 67 - Crimes against Core Training

This week on @lunge.lift @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach get down to the core of core training.  

We chat about the upsides and downsides to CrossFit movements like toes to bar & GHDs, and sing praises for kit like the Yoke or D-balls.   But do you need any of these things for core strength, even if it’s just so you can take your top of for a WOD with your mates? Or, like Rob, should you be training your core so you don’t slip a disc when you bend over to pick up your packet of crisps from your meal deal? (Priorities 😂)
There are trade offs we have to make for every training style.  

We talk about ⬇️
🍎 What muscles your core is actually made up of
🏃🏻‍♂️ The stark difference between a CrossFitter and a Runner’s running technique
😫 Will training your core relieve lower back pain?
👌🏼 The best way to train your core for weighlifting/barbell work
🥴 Ash’s qualms with GHD sit-ups  
And a 💩 tonne more!

Episode 66 - Percentages vs RPE vs Rx - A load of load selection styles

This week on @lunge.lift @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach chat about Percentages, RPE and Rx as methods for choosing your working weights, and divulge which they like, which they don’t and why…  

We deload our brains about ⬇️
☝🏼It’s called your 1 REP MAX for a REASON
🔗 The link between your mindset and RPE
👨🏽‍🍳 Why competing against your mates may be a recipe for disaster
🤷🏼‍♂️ The pros and cons to each style of training
🏋🏽‍♀️ More plates doesn’t equal more dates  
And a whole load more!

Episode 65 - Hyper Mobility: The Hidden Hindrance

Today on the Lunge & Lift podcast Ash & Rob tackle another buzz word topic and discuss hyper mobility.

In the context of a CrossFitter, to a dancer, yogi, or just your average avid gym goer, hyper mobility is a common thing we hear about. However, is it necessarily a bad thing?

As Rob puts it, “we’re all individual butterflies”, and if you understand ‘what’ you’re training and ‘why’, then you just need to remember that your squat doesn’t need to look like the bloke’s next to you. Training is never a case of “one size fits all”. You do you.

We relieve tension on ⬇️
🤫 Why you probably don’t need to wear lifters
🤨 Is hyper or hypo mobility a cause for concern?
❌ Why flexibility in your hamstrings shouldn’t be glorified
🤸‍♂️ How much ROM do you actually need?
🤷‍♀️ Which hormones affect your mobility?
⭐️ Rob gives an example of a ‘co-contraction’ from The Simpsons Movie
🤦‍♂️ Challenge: how many times do we mispronounce ‘hyper mobile’?

Episode 64 - Coach Brad's Guide To Running - From Casual Jogging to Ultra Marathons

This week on @lunge.lift, @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach are joined for a second time by Former Royal Marine Commando, now Competitive Ultra Runner, @bw_commandofitness!

Brad sheds light on all things to do with why anyone can and should run, when we should do it, how much running volume is good for you, what we should wear when pounding the pavements!

Whether you’re a seasoned long distance runner, a trail lover, or just fancy a 5k here and there, there are plenty of top takeaways you can get from this episode.

Brad gives us insight into ⬇️:
🏃🏻‍♂️ New to running? Key kit you’ll need & what mistakes not to make
💓 Heart rate, there’s always chat about heart rate
👟 Your choice of shoe matters
👎🏼 The implications of pushing yourself too far too soon
🤥 Was your run really even a “recovery run”?

Episode 63 - Why We Wear Our Wearables

Why do we wear them, what are you actually measuring, and what you can do with the data. Having the understanding that the data you can obtain from your wearables is an individual thing, can help you stop and think before you go comparing your performance and numbers to someone’s insta story.

Effectively utilising your wearable’s functions can also be a great way to upgrade your daily habits and see how far you’ve come; look at it from a progressive overload standpoint as one would when lifting, and asking yourself, how can I use this information to increase my performance over time?

We talk about ⬇️:
Are they just a fashion piece or a useful bit of kit?
Rob’s experiences of getting emotionally attached to his numbers
Ash explains why he dual wields wearables
Step count, sleep, calories expended; can data help improve your daily habits?
Why comparing data is like comparing your life chapter to someone else’s
SPOILER ALERT: Ash’s upcoming experiment…

Episode 62 - Why Copenhagens are Crap!

Great city, not such a great exercise? This week we give our thoughts and opinions on some in vogue exercises 🚨 spoiler alert – they think some are 💩

We brainstorm about:
👨🏽‍⚖️ How to judge the relevance of an exercise to your desired outcome/goal
🧱 Does building bigger muscles equal greater power output or injury resilience?
👌🏼 The spectrum of specificity
👖 Why you shouldn’t slut drop in tight trousers
😉 And lunges… Ash can’t forget to mention lunges
And loads more!

Episode 61 - From Uni Dropout to Forbes 30 under 30 w/ sam Kitching Co-Founder of WIT Fitness

On the podcast this week @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach chat with Co-Founder of WIT Fitness @samwitlondon.

Recently recognised by @forbes on their prestigious 30 Under 30 list, we hear about Sam’s journey from ditching uni, to falling in love with retail and building a brand that is now paving the way for training as a sport in its own right on a global level… all because he took his passion for shoes and decided to just run with it. 😉

We discuss:
💥 Going from a small basement store to collaborating with the world’s most influential brands and CrossFit athletes
👟 Where did Sam’s crep obsession come from?
🍻 Is training the new boozing on a Friday night?
🎓 Career path changes; going with that gut feeling 🤭 His disappointment with @dan__witlondon ‘s episode and some juicier stories from Sam’s perspective
And loads more!

Episode 60 - Rob vs. Ash: The VO2 Max Showdown with Luke Hall

This week on the @lunge.lift podcast: @hallmightyone of @ph.nutrition rejoins @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach to dissect their VO2 max test results.

Rob and Ash compare their data against one another and dive into the detail with Luke to understand what might be holding back their performance, and how to use this insight to improve it, both from a nutrition and training perspective.

There are plenty of knowledge bombs relating to the new approaches to energy system development that this technology affords us as well as some surprises… A huge thank you to Luke for coming back and breaking it all down so well for us 🙏 We chat about:

💨 What does VO2 max actually mean and how can we make use of the data?
⚔ Who had the higher VO2 max score??
💪🏼 Muscle oxygenation, delivery and utilisation🤓
💩 What supplement will help Ash level up and what are the risks…
⌚ The accuracy of a Garmin and other devices for working out your heart rate zones
💡 Beetroot and fasted training for optimising Zone 2 training
🌞 The benefits of polarised training

Episode 59 - When does poor movement actually become a problem?

On the podcast this week, we discuss when does poor movement actually become a problem? We cover:
– Does anyone move perfectly?
– The most common compensation patterns (in the gym)
– Is there anything actually wrong with a roundback deadlift
– Squatting vs hinging
– when does one become the other?
And much more!

Episode 58: Being Pro w/ CrossFit Athlete Andre Houdet

On the podcast this week, Andre Houdet joins us for a fun, fascinating and inspiring chat. We cover:
🏈 His roots in American Football
👨‍🍳 How his family serves as inspiration and taught him the value of hard work
🏋️ What change in approach had him bust through a 6 year strength plateau
📺 Why learning to love Netflix has been important for him
And much more!

Episode 57: Accessories - What’s the real deal?

It’s a bit of a buzzword and gets banded around willy-nilly. Tune in to find out:
👜What an accessory exercise actually is
👝How to pick the best accessory exercise for you
👒Typical accessories for bodybuilding, weightlifting and running
🕵️How to figure out if an accessory exercise is actually helping
💪 A Deep dive on bicep curls
And much more 

Episode 56 - The uncomfortable truth about a Calorie F**king Deficit w/ Liam Holmes

“It’s complicated” – not just a facebook relationship status In this week’s @lunge.lift episode we do a deep dive with Liam @ph_nutrition on the reality of weight loss and the nuanced factors that actually affect the process; making what’s thermodynamically simple, not that easy in real life. Expect knowledge bombs and mics dropping left right and centre 💥 💣 🎤⬇️   Including:
🤯 How can eating MORE result in weight loss?
🥔 Why the potato only diet can work
🍭 Our opinions on IIFYM
💩 contains calories 
And much much more

Episode 55 - Elite v Everyday

On this week’s episode we dig into the common characteristics of the best of the best athletes across all sports to discuss which are applicable to us mere mortals, and what decision points separate those who achieve and those who achieve greatness, such as
– Sacrifice – do you REALLY want it?
– Why do you want to succeed so much? The links between childhood experiences and relentless drive to be the best
– World class recovery and adaptability
– key separators between the best and the rest
– & more

Episode 54 - Our Biggest Training and Nutrition Mistakes

We share the stupid stuff we’ve done along the way, and the lessons we’ve learnt the hard way including:
🤕  Injuries – torn quads and hamstrings, broken ankles and blown out backs
🏃‍♂️  How not to train for a marathon
🫁 Why SOME cardio might be a good idea
🎈 Nutrition nightmares – how not to reverse diet and why keto and CrossFit isn’t a thing and (sadly) many, many more

Episode 53 - How to smash your CrossFit Open with Jamie Lau

Loads of fun chatting with returning guest, Jamie Lau on all things CrossFit Open. We discussed:
– This year’s workouts
– are they good tests of fitness?
– The new qualifying process
– is it fair for non-American athletes?
– Why most people screw up their Open performances
– Optimal pacing vs race strategy
– And lots more!

The Lunge & Lift 1 Year Anniversary Episode - Listener QnA Special

Todays 1 year anniversary episode, we tackle some awesome listener QnA topics including:
💉 Doping in CrossFit
🦵 Shin splints
🤕 Can we trust pain or scans regarding injuries?
🚴 What’s the point in low intensity cardio?
🪑 Back pain from sitting down
🏋️ How do I balance running with leg day?
🏃 Will long distance running kill my gainz?
🌉 Bridging the gap between rehab and training
🦆 And much more, including “would you rather” and some quickfire Qs for @robstubbspt and @ashgrossmann.coach

Episode 51 - Building the Brand w/ Dan Williams - WIT Fitness CEO

Dan Williams is the CEO of WIT Fitness, a World Leading Training Footwear & Apparel Specialist company In todays episode we discuss:
– Going from cleaning student houses to CEO of a globally recognised brand
– His 400m PB
– Key milestones in the evolution of business
– Dan’s surprising daily habits

Episode 50 - Endurance Nutrition with Luke from pH Nutrition

In Todays episode, we welcome a special guest, Luke from pH Nutrition. We discuss:
– Endurance Nutrition & its challenges
– CrossFit nutrition
– Metabolic flexibility
– Intermittent fasting for performance vs body composition
– Measuring breath (Fat:Carb usage)
– and lots more

Episode 49 - 5 Easy Steps to Program for yourself

Programming Principles 3
Today we finish off our programming principles series with some actionable points for you to take away and the things you’ve learnt so you can program for yourself We Cover our 5 main steps to ensure your program covers all your requirements
1. What’s your goal (Episode 47)
2. What main lifts compliment your goal
3. What days can you train/amount of time available and mrv & mev (Episode 48)
4. What volume & intensity is needed to achieve your goal
5. How to structure your session & choosing your accessories
Plus our Bonus Tip 1. Assess and refine to perfect your plan

Episode 47 - Programming Principles 1

Should you be doing things differently? Probably! Part 2 of our 3 part series on programming.
– Programming for the training continuum (Health, Performance & Aesthetics)
– Ticking the health boxes v Peaking
– Training for competition considerations
– & More

Episode 47 - Programming Principles 1

Part 1 of our 3 part series on programming.
– All about SMART goals
– Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Bound
– The magic of Progressive Overload
– What’s the signal you want to send the body to adapt towards?
– Managing volume & intensity
– & More

Episode 46 - 25 years experiencing the changes in the fitness industry with BJ Rule

This week we were joined by none other but fitness veteran BJ Rule. We discuss:
– Who is BJ Rule?
– How did he get into fitness?
– Why come to England from Aus and end up staying?
– What have you seen change in the fitness industry over the years?
– The Carnivore Diet
– and much more

Episode 45 - When does a niggle become an injury?

Have you had a slight niggle that you’re not sure if you should carry on training with it or not? Today we cover:
– Pain science, pain without injury?
– The reason feelings are a shitty indicator of truth
– The nervous system
– Reason why the first 1-2km of a run feel like crap
– & so much more

Episode 44 - What are muscle imbalances & can you fix them?

Today we chat all about muscle imbalances and cover
– What is a muscle imbalance?
– What are the most common imbalances?
– How do muscle imbalances occur?
– What would be the first prescription to help improve strength on weaker side? Only on one side lift?
– Do muscle imbalances cause injury?

Episode 43 - 2020 learnings and looking ahead to 2021

Today we discuss
– Our thoughts on what may be in store for us in 2021
– How we plan to control the outcome of our goals
– Focusing on having a growth mindset
– and more

Episode 42 - From Pro Rugby to Fitpro Influencer - Special Guest Tom Bliss

Mr TomBlissFit himself joins us today on the Lunge & Lift podcast. We talk about:
– Concussion in professional Rugby
– Changing career from Pro Rugby to Personal Trainer
– His experience becoming a social media influencer
– Advice on how to manage social medias impact on real life and his recent time off social media
-His journey into CrossFit & maybe Triathlons?
– & Much more

Episode 41 - Jamie Lau: Why he has a love hate relationship with CrossFit

We finish our year off with a very special guest, Jamie Lau. We discuss:
– Jamie’s early competitive CrossFit career
– Going to regionals as a team
– Top tips on smashing your CrossFit open
– Why % work may be nonsense for some lifters
– Should you repeat CrossFit open workouts?
– Importance of pacing
– & so much more

Episode 40 - Top 5 Common Training Misconceptions

Ash & Rob dive into some common training misconceptions and discuss:
1 Knee valgus is always a bad thing
2 Flexibility is always a good thing
3 High intensity is better than LISS
4 Strength means size
5 Fit means healthy

Episode 39 - 2020 Recap - What episodes have you listened to most this year?

This week we recap our most listened to episodes and give our insight into what nuggets to take from them
Ep. 2 – What is Functional Training –
Ep. 7 – Training for Health, Performance & Aesthetics – 
Ep. 20 – How to actually build muscle when doing CrossFIt –
Ep. 22 – Eating to build muscle, the right way with Liam Holmes from pH Nutrition –
Ep. 32 – The importance of understanding your core values and more with Jenz Robinson –

Episode 38 - Why CrossFit may be right for you

Today we chat all about CrossFit
– How we got into it?
– What are our favourite workouts?
– Why do we enjoy coaching CrossFit?
– How CrossFit can diversify your training?
– and much more

Episode 37 - Does CrossFit carry over to sport?

Today we get dive into if CrossFit is good for preparing you for your sport
– CrossFit for life
– Does using a Concept2 Bike Erg & Assault Bike carry over to cycling?
– Snatching to improve your golf?
– Short MetCons for 5 a side fitness?
– What would we add/remove from CrossFit?
– and much more

Episode 36 - From Trade Floor to Personal Trainer with Special Guest Tom McAdam

On this weeks episode, we chat with Tom McAdam on:
– His exit from an unhealthy corporate life
– Being an early adopter of CrossFit and setting up a box in London
– Deaffiliating this year and improving health and performance over and above classic CrossFit
– Insight into his own training and practises and how fatherhood has given him new perspectives on them
– and more

Episode 35 - What does our training look like?

Today we get personal and dive into out own personal training
– What are we training for at the moment and why?
– How are we adapting around lockdown?
– Whats a typical training week look like with & without gym access?
– & more

Episode 34 - Controlling Your Controllables - Lockdown 2.0 Special

With Lockdown 2.0 kicking off, you can view this in 1 of 2 ways

Your glass is half full or Your glass is half empty

We are all going through this lockdown together, so trying to frame it in a way that helps you navigate this successfully is key for improved physical & mental well-being

From our own personal goals for the next 4 weeks, to the mindset strategies we use to establish a solid routine, this podcast will hopefully get you framing Lockdown 2.0 with  a stronger mindset ready for any challenges ahead

Episode 33 - 7 Recovery Considerations to Boost Performance & Wellbeing

Are you Over Training or just Under Recovering? Todays episode, we dive into
our 7 top recovery tips to help boost your performance
– Wearables & HRV
– Sleep Hygiene
– Betime Routine
– The Caffeine Credit Card
– Meditation
– Movement
– Cold exposure

Episode 32 - The importance of understanding your core values and more with Jenz Robinson

In todays episode, Rob had the opportunity to interview Jenz Robinson and dig deep into topics from
– Who is Coach Jenz? 
– Understanding your core values
– The importance of building a community
– Getting your low hanging fruit
– Parenting & Training
– & More

Episode 31 - The Necessity of Skill Acquisition for Training & Sport

In todays Lunge & Lift podcast, Ash & Rob dive into skill acquisition
– The truth behind ‘BAD’ technique
– Snatching v Free Kicks
– What is coordination?
– and … Tip Toes v Finger Tips?

Episode 30 - Smarter Strength Training For Performance

Today Ash & Rob chat Strength in performance and cover topics on
– What is strength?
– What strength is needed for sport specific strength
– When do you actually want to be strong
– Considerations to help improve your strength in performance and much more

Episode 29 - Programming for Performance

Ash & Rob go into the rabbit hole of considerations for programming for performance
– Volume vs Intensity
– Whats the right frequency?
– Why is Latte art like snatching
– and more

Episode 28 - Unreleased Early Episode: Fitness Myths 101

Throwback to one of first 3 episodes recorded. This unreleased episode sees us dive into 4 fitness myths that won’t go away from gym etiquette to if everyone should look the same when they lift.

Episode 27 - Nutrition for Performance

We have the Liam from pH Nutrition back on the show today discussing nutrition for performance. We cover all sorts, from:
– Common pitfalls
– Carb Loading & if you should do it
– Quality v Quantity
– 12,000 calorie diets
– Competition day/Training camp nutrition strategies
– and much more

Episode 26 - How to optimise movement mechanics work in performance training

Today Ash & Rob dive into
– The role of movement mechanics for optimal training
– How to get more out of your training
– Do you need more mobility for efficient mechanics
– The importance of filming your lifts

Episode 25 - What does training for performance look like

Today we recap on some of the key points from our aesthetic series and intro our next series on all things performance From training, nutrition & mindset, when you have to perform there is alot more that needs to be identified, all the way down to what are you aiming to perform for Listen in and find out what we have in store in the next few episodes in our performance series

Episode 24 - Training for Fat Loss & the best way to burn fat

Todays episode is all about whats the most optimal way to train for fat loss
– Exercise v Eating for fat loss & whats better
– Why you may not be losing weight even though training multiple sessions per day
– How to maintain your strength during a fat loss phase
– & much more

Episode 23 - How to lose weight and why it might not be what you’re looking for?

To round up Aesthetic series, you know we had to touch on Fat Loss In todays episode, Ash & Rob discuss
– Why you might not really want to lose weight
– Fat loss gone wrong
– Personal experiences with a range of nutritional strategies
– What strategies have worked the best for us & our clients – and more

Episode 22 - Eating to build muscle, the right way with Liam Holmes from pH Nutrition

Part 2 of the Lunge & Lift Aesthetic series and today we are discussing nutrition for building muscle We had the privilege of bringing previous show guest Liam Holmes from pH Nutrition to dive deep into:
– How to structure your nutrition to build muscle
– All about insulin and how to utilise it to help build muscle effectively
– Gaining muscle as a hard gainer and some of the obstacles you may come across and how to beat plateaus
– All about testosterone
– Why you need to pimp your rice to increase gains

Episode 21 - Special Guest Gustavo Vaz Tostes

Today we had the absolute please to chat with our close friend and co worker Gustavo, the original Monstaaa. We dived deep into:
– Becoming a father
– How Gus went high level competitive athlete in Brazil to Head Coach at WIT House LDN
– What happens when it all goes wrong on day 1 of a 3 day competition
– How lockdown has influenced his outlook on training
– Why its a priority for Gus to always be ‘In Shape’
– & So much more

Episode 20 - How to actually build muscle when doing CrossFit

Looking at professional Crossfitters gives you a perception that following that methodology will pack on muscle, get you lean and become very fit.

Pretty much the holy grail

In todays episode Ash & myself chat some of the thoughts behind this and how to actually build muscle

Episode 19 - Special Guest Chloe Cassar

Today we had the pleasure of having Chloe Cassar on the Lunge & Lift podcast. We dived deep into
– How Chloe went from Commercial Gym to the British Championship stage
– How fitness has changed for women in the past 10 years
– How to start your weightlifting journey
– Training for a sport rather than for general preparedness
– Choosing to become a specialist to excel – & More


– What does training like a professional athlete actually look like?
– What considerations do you need when wanting to train like an athlete?
– What type of athlete does Ash & Rob feel is a true definition of an athlete


How old is too old? Have you ever wanted to start training or another endeavour but you thought, i’m too old for that now, i’ve missed the boat?


Todays episode we catch up with both Ash & Rob and discuss about
– Our Lockdown Learnings
– Whats been going down with CrossFit
– Whats in the pipework for both Ash & Rob – and more


– Movement Standards in CrossFit and how they should be utilised for maximum potential gain
– Squat depth – The debate between going Ass to Grass, Parallel or above
– Are compound lifts better than isolation lifts?


NOTE: Apologies for poor quality in Rob’s mic. He washed his airpods in the washing machine and did not realise until editing this episode Franco is back on the Lunge & Lift podcast and today we are discussing
– Are Handstand Push Ups bad for you and what are some things to look out for when doing them
– Kipping – The good, the bad and the flailing. Is kipping bad for you from a physio perspective
– Overcoming old injuries – and so much more
Extra Bits: Follow Franco www.instagram.com/truemotionuk


– Does your coach has a coach and why it may be necessary
– Should coaches have coaches
– How may he coach having a coach impact the clients journey and much more


In this episode, we discuss the difference between training v competing v testing and how this can influence whether you are stalling your progress in the gym Its very easy to get caught up in someones else’s goal, so training with a clear direction ensures each time you enter the gym, you have the potential for mindful improvement rather than mindless training

EPISODE 11 - Special Guest Franco Contiero | From Sports Physio to Everyday Athlete

Franco is Sports Physio, Osteo, University Tutor & a Everyday CrossFitter who works in the City of London @Truemotionuk In todays episode we get into: How to return into the gym after lockdown Exercise selection for carryover to your specific sport Is CrossFit bad for the body? What happens when you work through pain and so much more Extra Bits: Follow Franco www.instagram.com/truemotionuk

EPISODE 10 - Are you lacking mobility or stability?

In this episode, we discuss if you are really lacking mobility or is it really you lack stability, how to identify and what to implement and also using 100kg to improve mobility

EPISODE 9 - Special Guest Brad Welch: Improving your 5k to Ultra Marathons, Online Coaching & More

Todays special guest is Brad Welch From Former Royal Marine Commando to S&C Coach and Competitive Ultra Runner We dive into – Brads thoughts on the recent increase in 5k runners – How you can improve your 5k to ultra marathon runs – How to stay true to your brand on social media – The importance of systems for online coaching – How to pick the right online coach for you

EPISODE 8 - Special Guest: Liam Holmes from pH Nutrition

n this episode we have a very special guest. Liam from pH Nutrition. We discuss – How pH Nutrition started – The difference between competitive athlete and everyday athlete nutrition – The eating habits of a nutritionist and how he implements certain nutritional strategies throughout the day – If vegetables are actually necessary and much more

EPISODE 7 - Training for Health, Performance & Aesthetics

In this episode, we dive deeper into the 3 areas of training. We discuss what training may look like for them and If you can combine all 3 into your training

EPISODE 6 - Why do you even train?

EPISODE 5 - Is knees in when you squat actually a good thing?

In this episode, we discuss the controversial topic of knees in when you squat and if you should or shouldn’t worry about it and why

EPISODE 4 - Considerations for programming in lockdown

EPISODE 3 - How To Survive The Corona Home Workout Craziness

In this episode, we discuss all things corona home workouts, how to utilise all the content us fitness pros are putting on social media so you don’t just burn out & how we think this will change our industry

EPISODE 2 - What is Functional Training?

In this episode, we dive deep into what is functional training. The term functional is a proper buzzword at the moment, so we want to truly define what functional training is and should you be doing it


In this episode, we dive deep into who we are, how the Lunge & Lift podcast came about